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Thinking of Selling after Lockdown?

Now’s the time to sort out all those nagging jobs that need doing to make sure your property looks its very best. The best thing you can do is to try to look at your house from a viewer’s perspective. No one knows for sure what will happen post lockdown but based on what we’re reading and the conversations we’re having, here are some ways that people’s property buying behaiviours may very well change.

1. Homeworking

Thousands of people across the country are now working from home. Many are realising it doesn’t affect their productivity but does cut down on travel time and transport costs. A spare room, outbuilding or study will be firmly on many buyers’ wish lists. If you have a small room that’s possibly full of junk, why not convert it into a bright and airy study. It doesn’t have to be a bedroom, it could just as easily be that space under the stairs!

2. Garden or outdoor space

During the lockdown, those lucky enough to have a garden have seen its value and importance. Many are even trying their hand at growing their own vegetables. I would expect to see more people looking to buy homes with gardens or with access to useable outdoor areas.

Try to make your outside space look well-kept and appealing. Make sure there are absolutely no weeds and possibly plant some annuals to add some lovely summer colour. Fix the fence if it needs repair and it’s probably a good idea to repaint it too (nothing too garish).

3. Family and friends

We’ve all taken things for granted pre-Coronavirus. Visiting the pub or coffee shop, the school run or popping to the local shops. One of the things which has been made crystal clear for many people is the importance and value of being near to your family and loved ones. This could lead to a rise in people moving home to be nearer to those most special in their lives. Make your living areas seem inviting and cosy, somewhere you would want to sit and have a coffee and a chat with loved ones. Open plan areas where you can chat to people when your are cooking are desirable so if you are thinking of knocking that wall down to create a more open space, why not consider giving it a go (check its not a load bearing wall first)?

Whatever happens, here at Hogg & Hogg we’ve been working hard to ensure we are ready for when the lockdown ends and the property market here flies back out of the blocks.

Thanks for reading and Stay Home, Protect the NHS, Save Lives and keep loving Cardiff.

Keep safe,


About Helen

Helen along with two family members is one of the founders of Hogg & Hogg. After working as a local estate agent for over 25 years she brings a wealth of expertise and professionalism to the company. She happily talks to clients out of normal working hours to help with any issues. Helen looks after all of Hogg & Hogg sales from the very beginning right through to completion and very often beyond.

Contact Helen directly on 02920 102525 or email at [email protected]